need help between these two 26" HDTVs


Nov 21, 2006
hey guys I've done my research and have come down to these 2 HDTVs but I cant decide which one is actually better. I plan on using it for Xbox360 and possibly HD channels.

Im also debating whether or not to buy a new tv stand, is there a recommended height to place a tv for comfort while watching?

Also atm i have a digital cable box but after i get the TV can I use both an antenna to receive HD channels and use the digital cable box at the same time?

Here are the choices that i narrowed it down to.

The Samsung LN26A450


The Sony Bravia KDL-26M4000

I would suggest the Samsung between those 2 models. The non XBR Sony's are not as good as the XBR models and seem to be less reliable. Check out the Mitsubishi LCDs. They have some new models with improved audio quality.
TV should be centered at eye level or a bit higher depending on how far you sit from it.
You can hook the cable box to an HDMI input and your antenna to the RF input (make sure the TV has an ATSC tuner for over the air HDTV and a clear QAM tuner for use with digital cable w/o a cable box.
Bigger screen is definitely better if you sit the right distance away.


Nov 21, 2006
hey guys thanks for the replies, I just found another brand, VIZIO that ive heard was pretty good also and was a little cheaper than the sony and samsung heres a link to it|79|2341&N=4001382%204294919901&Mo=4&No=3&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=

any opinions on the VIZIO brand or that specific TV?

and about the digital cable without a cable box, if the TV has a QAM tuner do i just use the cable line that the technician put through the wall and stick that into my tv so i dont need a box? what wires would I use?


Aug 27, 2008
hello tonetone,

Yah definately VIZIO is pretty good and also cheaper than other brands. I am giving you my own experience with VIZIO TV. Actually it is very good and very clear to see the pictures. I have bought this VIZIO TV at by going through By going through this i have got 10% cash back offer on top of the deal price. I am very happly to say this.
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