Need help buying a laptop for specific gaming.


Mar 12, 2016
Before you suggest it: No, I do not want a desktop. I specifically need a laptop because I am going to be traveling come next month and want to be able to still play some of my games.

Anyways, I've done research and found hit and miss answers about laptops and with my limited budget for this kind of thing, I don't want to buy something that is going to die on me in a few years. I am mostly looking to play Fallout 4 and GTA V on high settings (even highest). I have an older ASUS ROG laptop that was pretty good but eventually started turning off whenever it got slightly hot, and I've heard other people talk about that too, so I am worried about ASUS. There are obviously Alienware, but I feel those are overhyped. I do hear good things about MSI.

My budget is about $1000 but thats pretty much it. Fallout 4 and GTA V are mostly what I am looking to play.

Thank you!


May 31, 2016

Maximum video you are going to get for that price is a gtx960m, no matter what brand you decide. So, i searched for some models: including one asus (actually i have it, i don't recommend it though, but it's a great notebook price-benefit)

That being said, this one is a MSI almost same specs:

PS: I strongly recommend adding an SSD for optimal performance (without it you have a bottleneck with the HDD), if u don't have the money at the moment, add it later (both notebooks should have an M2 connector). Watch out for the drivers if u do so.