Need help choosing a laptop cooler

Spartan Jack 17

Jun 18, 2016
I'm planning on buying a laptop cooler to cut down on noise/temps (largely noise, the temps are acceptable but the fans whine). I have a Metabox (Clevo) P650 SE, which is a 15" gaming laptop wih a GTX 970M and i7 4720HQ. I've narrowed down my choices to either the Cooler Master SF-17 or the Opolar LC05. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these coolers, and which of them will give the best noise/thermals. Also if there's a better option I'd love to hear it. Right now I'm leaning towards the Opolar, because I saw a Linus video where he tested it on a Venom Blackbook 15, which is the exact same Clevo laptop I have (just rebranded by a different company), and it seemed to make a big difference.