Need help connecting 5 speakers in parallel to an amplifier.


Jan 31, 2019
I'm hopping someone here will be able to assist me in setting up some speakers for a warehouse area.

There are existing speakers and amplifiers but during renovations, everything was unplugged and all wires on the walls were ripped out!!!

I pretty much have to rebuild the previous setup without knowing how it was actually set up.

2 x amplifiers (although just one of them should be enough for what i need)

5 x speakers. Each are 8 Ωhm.

I was wondering what the proper way to set up the wires in parallel/series would be. ( a line drawing would be nice)

Also at which speaker output on the amp should i connect the wire?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
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They are not 8 ohm but 4 ohm and were probably not connected that way in the first place.
They would usually be connected using the 70v or 25v and ground connection to the amp. When use those terminals the speakers can be connected in a daisy chain (one to the other) or home run (going back to the amp). Whichever is easier to wire.
You should be able to find the owners manual for the amp online. That should have some useful info.


Jan 31, 2019
Thanks for the reading material,
It actually gave me some other ideas as to the output devices i will be connecting to the amp.
As for the speakers though, they are 8 ohm.
I have the speaker manual and even the linked picture of the speaker shows 8 ohms.

It still doesn't help as far as how to properly do the connections.

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