Need help deciding between two laptops

Apr 20, 2018
Got two open box laptops, same model to try out. Core i5, 8G, 256 SSD. Both work great, but not sure which one to keep because of some differences.

One has a warmer and brighter tint (mildly yellow) that is easy on the eyes for everyday and long viewing, but had a defective SSD that had to be repaired. It came back fine, but a recertified drive I believe (Hitachi). Performance was super fast before repair; after, still very good but felt and tested slower in AS SSD, Crystal Diskmark and Userbenchmark for write speeds. The recertified SSD is slightly slower for writes. The screen is a joy to use for its brightness even at low levels (helps battery life). Warranty is until almost the end of the year.

Other laptop has a cooler, blue/gray-leaning tint. No SSD defects (Micron), came with all original packaging, ie. dust bag and everything. Feels brand new for an open box item. Even the silver paint of the case is newer/better than the first one as well. I'm torn about the cooler screen tint though. I could install an app like fluxwerx, but would prefer a screen where I don't have to. The overall newness (physical build quality, paint quality of the case, original SSD, original packaging) and soundness of this laptop (no defects) is very appealing and reassuring, but the warranty also expires in a few months, plus the screen is not as bright.

Which to choose? Same exact laptop specs/same model, two different screen tints, somewhat differing SSD performance, and warranty.