Need Help Finding The Perfect Machine For My Mother.


Jun 8, 2012
My mother has a steam account with peggle, bejeweled, Plants Vs Zombies, all those popcap games. However, her computer has broken recently, and at the same time it seems her tablet is going out. Now my budget is close to around 300USD, now to be honest i know my rig, and i know what it can and cant do, but after browsing for a few days for a new laptop i quickly realized it might be possible to get her both a new laptop, and a new tablet, at the same time. I found quite a few Chrome Books, and Android Tablets that fold out, Even a few Windows Tablets. My Main priority here is to get my mother a nice stable laptop that she can play her games on and listen to her oldies on youtube. To be honest i only know high end tech, so laptops, tablets, i dont usually know the quality of them or what you can do with them, so im asking you guys. Also i was wondering if somehow a Chromebook or Android Tablet could run her steam games, i can step the budget up to 400 if it can replace both her PC and Tablet, but unfortunately i am poor, and i need some education on the subject so please.... TEACH ME! (And help find my dear old mother something to play her casuals on :p )