Question need help for 65" smart tv

Nov 23, 2019
Hello guys, i need to buy a 65".
In these days i'm looking for the best tv with the best offer.
I have found two tv in particular:
Samsung q64r and sony bravia XG81.
Someone knoe this tvs? Which one is better? It's a bad choice to not buy a oled or qled tv? i'm afraid to buy an "old" technology.
Thank you
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I've looked at a bunch of TVs we have in our stores (I work at a large retailer with many TVs setup. The best picture is from the LG OLED TVs that are in the $1,700-2,000 range for "best TV" quality.

Of course for that price you can get 3 or 4 other TVs of the same size so up to you if it's worth it.
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