need help getting all 4 of my speakers working with my amp connected to my pc


Jan 11, 2015
hi i have a custom pc
Amd fx6300 4.5ghz
coolermaster hyper 212 evo
Gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3
G skill ripjaws x (4x4gb) 1600
Evga geforce gtx 970ssc
Kingston SSD 128gb
Western digital HHD 256gb/1tb
Evga G2 850 watt psu
Corsair 450d mid tower
Dell p2314h monitor 1090p
Dell e228wfp monitor 1050p
emerson LCD tv 1080p
CODE v2 tenkeyless with dolch dsa keyset
Logitech g500 mouse
razer kraken usb headset

Amp Sony STR-DH520 with 4 Sony SS-B3000 bookshelf speakers

the problem is only the front left and back right speakers work how do i get the other 2 to work. i have the pcs videocard(970) connected to amp via hdmi, and amp connected to tv via hdmi.

this doesnt matter: and the 2 monitors connected via display port and vga to video card(970).

I just got the amp and speakers a couple days ago, im thinking that my pc doesnt have the right dolby codec or something or the settings on the amp are wrong ive tried changing them around and nothing. i did move speakers around to see if it actually work but rotating them with the front left and back right all 4 speakers give amazing sound. but when i connect the front right speaker and back left speaker to the back of amp and they produce no sound. can someone please help me figure this out? thank you in advance if you need any more information please just ask and ill respond promptly you guys are the greatest thanks again

i dont have an audio card of any sort
Did you go through the set up on the receiver?
It doesn't know what speakers you have connected to it, where they are, and what they are unless you do that. You need to set the distance and level for each speaker from where you sit. You also assign inputs and default surround modes on many receivers. Go through the whole process.
Since you have 4 speakers you will set the receiver to
front - large
center- none,
rear - large
sub - none.
Here's the manual
After you do this then you can deal with the PC if needed. The front panel of the receiver should indicate what type of audio it is getting from the PC. You can set the surround mode to Auto and the receiver will change as needed.


Jan 11, 2015
i did try to set it up on the receiver but i could only get 1 (front left) to work, or that one and the one in back right, the other two (front right, back left ) dont work at all, can you help me find the right page in the manual to help with that thank you. i have a feeling that since the amp is connected to my video card it says nvidia audio, do you think that has anything to do with it ?