Need help hooking my HyperX Cloud 2's up to my PC and Xbox One at the same time


Mar 23, 2017
I am trying to find a way to hook up my HyperX Cloud 2's to my Xbox One and PC at the same time while being able to use the mic and headphones on both, is this even possible?

If it isn't possible is their a way I can connect them both at the same time and switch between them easily without having to unplug everything?


I dont know much about online gaming, but im sure there would be some sort of audio mixer out there that you could use! It sounds like it would be possible to achieve what you are after. There are all sorts of usb audio interfaces and mixers out there these days. You essentially need to split the audio right from the mic and headphones, down to the output to the speakers, so an audio mixer would definitely be the way to go.
Sorry i cant provide a recomendation, but PC audio is not one of my strong points in the audio world..

Good luck and i hope you make this work soon!

Best regards,
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