Need Help in Choosing a 2.0/2.1 Speaker System under $150/£100


May 10, 2012
Hi! :hello:

So my crapptechs just decided to die on me a few days ago, located the problem, and it was in the transformer. one of the wierd yellow circular components had fried. Anyways. Enough of crappytechs. :bounce:

I'm planning to get speakers around the $150/£100 mark, and I have been looking around the web and people seem to be recommending the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX blah blah blah, the HiVi Swan M10s, M-Audio AV40s and.. that's basically all I can find. I'm not looking to go into monitor speakersbecause a) I don't have an amp - well not for speakers at least, b) I'm a student so I don't have a lot of money to spend hence I'm not going to be spending another $300/£200 on a nice sub (how unfortunate). On the other hand, I've also been looking lower the price range and saw the Trust Tytan 2.1s (selling for £50 on and they interest me quite a bit.

I'm just planning to listen to music (I listen to a mix between house music, dance/electronic, acoustics, rock, oldies = basically everything), the occasional gaming session. I do care about the quality of the sound coming out of my speakers, quality over quantity for me. Same goes with bass even though there are some days where I prefer a lot of bass... like wall shaking bass. :pt1cable:

Which one of the 3 do you think I should be getting? Or if you have any other suggestions I'm more than welcome to see/hear it :p

One last thing, I'm based in the UK so my choice of speakers are different/aren't as great as you lot in N. America. :cry:

Thanks for the help in advance!!
bigme :hello:


May 23, 2004
I'd get a used pair of bookshelf speakers off a classified site like Craigslist or equivalent, or an auction site like eBay, with at least a 6" woofer, forget about the sub since it's a limited budget, then a basic amp can be found for under $50 USD, presumably (at least in the states I see them on Amazon, eBay, various audio electronics sites, etc). You should be able to get both the used speakers and an amp for under $100 USD total if you wait for a good deal.