Need Help! My laptop will not start!


Dec 12, 2012
I have a Samsung laptop the model is the Q330 with Windows 7. My computer will not start. When I start it up I get an error message and then my computer asks me if I want to start windows normally or Launch Startup Repair. When I select start normally it starts up and then the screen flashes blue and has a lot of text on it that I can not read. After that it goes back to the menu. When I select repair it starts loading files and starting windows but it goes black, it makes weird whirring noises. After about 5 minutes I see my background but it just sits there for ever. I really could use help with this. Also windows 7 came with the laptop so I do not have the recovery disks.


Apr 11, 2012
We need to know what the error message said. There are literally thousands of error messages. From the brief description my best guess would be that your Hard drive died and is in need of replacement. But it can only be a guess until we have a bit more info.