Need Help Setup HDMI/Analog Extractor for Zone 2 audio

Jul 24, 2018
Need help setting up TV audio using HDMI/Analog Extractor for Zone 2
I have a Yamaha RX-V765 as my main receiver, Zone 2 receiver is a Insignia NS-R2001. I recently purchased HDMI/Analog Extractor(VHD-H2HSAs) to convert TV digital sound to analog.

Home Theatre Current configuration
Cable Box: HDMI to TV HDMI2
TV: Optical to Main AV1
CD: Coax to Main AV3 and L/R Audio AV5
Main: HDMI out to TV
Main: L/R Zone 2 out to Receiver 2 CD L/R

We spent 4+ hours and couldn't get audio routed to Zone2. We set extractor box to 2-Ch. Any suggestions.
It's not clear where you tried to connect the HDMI extractor. In any case I don't think it will help.
Are you trying to get audio from only the TV tuner or apps to zone 2? You can't use that extractor because it doesn't support ARC. You could split the TV optical out and connect it to a DAC that accepts 5.1 and the receiver or get one that works with ARC.
Are you are trying to get audio from all your sources to zone 2? Do the TV speakers make sound? Normally the receiver won't send audio to the TV so unless you can set the receiver to do that the extractor has nothing to work on if you connect it to the receiver HDMI out and TV HDMI in.
The Yamaha won't send digital audio from any input to zone 2. If you have analog out from any source connect that in addition to the HDMI and assign it to another input name in the Yamaha. Use that name to choose your source for zone 2. You could connect the analog outputs directly to the Insignia receiver. Might be simpler to use that way.
The Best solution would be to just get 1 new receiver that sends digital audio to zone 2 and has built in amps for zone 2. That would probably offer access to online music streaming and an control app. Denon and Marantz both have the excellent HEOS streaming app built in.
Jul 24, 2018
1. We are trying to get audio from TV and Pandora to play in Zone2
2. We will try the optical splitter option,
3. if that doesn't work will purchase DAC w/ARC support. Can you provide instructions how to setup?

Answers to your other questions.
4. We are only interested in routing, CD, TV & Pandora audio to Zone2. Currently just CD routes to Zone2.
5. Speakers on TV makes sound when main receiver is on.

Our budget is fixed, would like a work around instead of buying new receiver at this time. Thanks for your quick response. Will keep you posted on your suggestions.