Solved! Need help troubleshooting after force installing OSX Mojave on unsupported Mac?

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Mar 1, 2019
I would like to preface I am aware you are not supposed to do this. I was wondering if my laptop is still salvageable.
By my own stupid I loosely used the instructions found through <<Link removed by moderator>>

I did not complete step 8 and when Mojave would not work, I had decided to delete the existing operating software OSX Lion. When I reboot my laptop, there is a white screen with a off white "Ø" symbol? How do I troubleshoot this problem if I can? I do still have the Mojave Patcher on a flash drive.
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We cannot assist with this problem. You are trying to use software that is not legit and not supported. We are unable to assist with that.

Also, this is the Laptop forum. There actually is a forum for Macs.

However, they won't be able to help you with this either.

You need to obtain and install a legit OS for anyone on this site to help.
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