Need pictures off old phones

Mar 25, 2022
I canceled my accounts on Boost mobile since 3g is being shut off. They started out on Virgin Mobile and then was transferred later to Boost Mobile. I forgot to get the the pictures off both my phone and my wife's phone. (Yes I can be an idiot sometimes) My phone is a Kyocera S2100 and my wife's is a Samsung SPH-M340. Since service is shut off I can't e-mail them to myself. The Kyocera has a micro usb port, but the computer does not see it as a drive. It also has wifi but they will not connect. The computer will pair with it but not connect. I think it's too old. The samsung does not have a usb port nor wifi. Is there any way of getting the pictures off of either phone?


Some phones need a driver to connect to a PC, see if you can find anything for your phones. Also look at any online manuals for them. Often those older feature phones don't have any good way of getting the photos off them aside from email. For the WiFi issue, try a few different places to connect, and also play around with lowering the security on your WiFi signal temporarily, those phones may simply not be able to support all the newer WiFi protocols and security.