Need projector expert's help on this challenging issue.

Aug 16, 2018
Set up:

Source(BD Player and Google Chromecast 1st Gen > HDMI Splitter > 1) Panasonic PT-AE 7000u (HDMI out.. and note that this is HDCP compatible device) and 2) Bose Soundtouch 300 Soundbar(Optical out)

- With this setup,
A) If I use BD Player as source, no issue with video from Projector but there is no sound from the soundbar
B) If I use Chromecast, no image at all

When I used PC monitor instead of projector, this setup perfectly works both having BD Player and Google Chromecast as source. But as soon as I switch to projector, I have the issues mentioned above.

First, I thought this is due to projector not being HDCP compliant but both the rep confirmed me that it is HDCP compatible and I verified it in the spec as well. So it doesn't seem to be a HDCP issue.

I ensured BD Player has enabled HDMI output to include audio (Obviously I was able to get audio if monitor is connected to the HDMI splitter).

Any thought? The rep said it could be related to weak signal and asked me to connect Chromecast directly to the Projector but I am currently out so couldn't test it..
ARC is irrelevant. Projectors don't have ARC since they don't usually have internal sources.
Is the HDMI spitter an HDMI input selector? You can't use a splitter as an input selector.
If the projector doesn't pass audio then get an HDMI input selector with audio extraction and connect that to the input on the Bose. You may need to set the extractor or sources to PCM stereo.


Does the following link present the Operating Instructions for your projector?

If so, see Page 20 - 22 regarding connectivity. And do look at the gray "Note" box on Page 21, especially the third bullet.

Page 58 may also provide some guidance.

In any case, are you able to provide a simple diagram or sketch showing the connections and cables being used?

May help someone spot the problem or recognize some incompatibility.
Aug 16, 2018

Sorry, your information does not help... Here is the diagram. Do you think there is anything to do with ARC?
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