Need some advice.


Jan 8, 2013
Hey guys im in the hunt for a new laptop for school but to also play games such as bf3 and diablo 3. I have narrowed it down to 4 possible choices and need some advice on which one or other laptops you would suggest. I live in new Zealand by the way and my budget is up to $1100.

My first choice is an Asus R500VJ-SX053P-$1044

The specs are: Intel i5-3210M processor 2.5ghz-31ghz turbo
4gb ram DDR3 SDRAM 1600MHz
500gb 5400prm hard drive
15.6" WXGA 1366x768 resolution HD, LED screen
Nvidia GeForce gt 635m 2GB DDR33 graphics card

I like the aluminium textured back and palm rest for added durability and protection. I really don't like cheap plastic hardware. I have heard nothing but good reviews from asus laptops but want to know if these specs are capable of running high demanding games such as bf3 and diablo 3.

My second choice is an ACER ASV3 571g gaming notebook- $1099

Specs: Intel i7-3610qm 2.3ghz
750GB 5400rpm hard drive
15.6" Active Matrix TFT colour LCD screen
Nvida geforce gt 640m 2gb graphic card

I like this laptop because of the i7 processor and big hard drive as well as the new 640m graphics card for gaming. But im not sure if this laptop is plastic like the rest of the acer notebooks and if it has that annoying mac book touch pad without separate buttons. Anyone know???

My third choice is a HP Pavillion dv6-7031tx- $1099

The specs are: Intel i7-3610qm 2.3ghz
4gb ram DDR3 1333GHZ
640GB SATA 5400rpm hard drive
15.6" DIAGONAL HD BrightView 1366x768 diagonal HD LED-backlit display
Nvidia GeForce gt 630m 2gb GDDR3 graphics card
Beats audio Audio playback quad speakers

This model runs on an i7 processor which would be much better for gaming and the 630m graphics card is better that the asus 635m graphics card. The thing that holds me back is that im not sure if hp is as durable as asus or other laptop companies and many people have had A bad run with hp including my dad who hates them, but I mean what do you guys think I have owned a compag foR a while and I held up alright, what do you think, good deal???

My fourth and final choice is a Toshiba satellite pro l850- 1089

The specs are: Intel i7-3630qm 2.4ghz-3.4ghz turbo
6GB ram DDR3 1600mhz
740GB 5400rpm SATA hard drive
15.6" widescreen HD TFT Active Matrix XGA 200NIT CSV 1366X768 screen
AMD Radeon HD 7670M 1GB graphics card
Stereo speakers

Im not to sure about this, I have had no personal experience with Toshiba laptops but it has a good processor, hard drive and graphics card but is it worth it for a Toshiba. Give me some feed back on which one you think is the most durable and portable and which laptop would be the best for gaming. Samsung?, Lenovo? help me out please. Thanks.

If you're going to game, I'd recommend finding something with a hard drive that is at least 7200rpm. The 5400rpm drives may last longer, but there will be noticeable lag in games. I've had a Toshiba laptop and it lasted 3 years before major things started going wrong, i.e. overheating. 3 years is pretty good for a laptop, at least for me, as I tend to go through them like candy for some reason or another.


Sep 27, 2012
Also, just throwing out there, you need a better graphics card than a 640m. The 640 is already not capable for gaming, and when you take the mobile card, well, I'd be surprised if it ran powerpoint smoothly.