Need streaming choice advice

Oct 20, 2018
Paying too much for FIOS cable....about $100-110/mo now. Have 3 HD TV's, one being a smart TV of the VISIO brand. We watch local channels, cable news, and sports channel (ESPN's and FOX Sports) and have Amazon Prime and Netflix for movies and music. Currently using Chromecast to stream the movies when needed. Oh, wife wants QVC and OAN cable channels. What do I get to reduce my cost and get the channels I want.


Depends very much on where you live (I am not asking that) and how much competition there is with respect to ISP services.

If there is competition you may be able to call your current provider and via "customer retention" get some 1 or 2 year plan that may reduce your costs.

I do that on a regular basis via Xfinity. But I am lucky and there are choices in my geographic area.

FYI: my rates for Internet, Cable TV, and phone service runs $222 per month. Have not been able to work that cost downward.....

You might be able to reduce the costs by owning your own equipment: e.g., a modem, router, or modem/router.

However, any problems will likely be blamed on the device you own. What has worked for me is renting/leasing the ISP's modem and having my own router. If things go wrong I simply connect to the ISP's modem until the problem is fixed.

Unfortunately, getting the channels you want is likely to include many you do not want. "Carte Blanche" or whatever...

Some companies set that up for their customers but my overall understanding is that the customer's really ended up paying more.

Just my experiences and thoughts. Hopefully others will comment accordingly.
So 3 simultaneous TV users, 45-60 mbit good enough, purchase plan accordingly. U got a gamer kid in the house he may starts complaining but that's your problem. :)

By experience I say if u want to make a significant cut, u have to be willing to cut something cold turkey, or maybe not. For example, I thought I NEEDED CNN, but then I found out they pretty much broadcast the same news as everybody else's. Antenna broadcast (free) and YouTube (free again) more than cover it for me. QVC, don't they antenna? I pickup at least 1 shopping channel in my area. should tell you.

As ^he says, cable providers are tricky, they already know what your alternatives are and charge you accordingly. Only way to beat them is, lifestyle change. These days besides Antenna broadcast, I find YouTube have more than enough entertaining (free) channels.



Is this only for the TV part or for internet/TV and maybe phone? Keep in mind your price may also be for rental of 3 cable boxes if you use that and any premium channels you may have. You may be able to drop the cable box to one of the TVs if you are paying for 3 and just use the other two for streaming things with Amazon, etc...
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