Review Netgear Orbi RBK752 review

Aug 23, 2022
I had previously bought a pair of Orbi RB50 s, and they were brilliant, still are.
So when I wanted to upgrade our office wireless I went straight to the Orbi RBK750s. A base station and 3 satellites should do it.
The base station included the router, so we tried to connect this directly to the NBN with iiNet, and it worked, sort of. Every day the internet connection would be dropping - the wifi seemed to be working fine, but the router connection to the internet continued to drop out.

Simple, we roll back to the old router and just use the Orbi's for the wifi. (And we disabled the wifi in the original router).

This seemed better, but then at completely random times the Orbi wifi connections would drop. The base station was always okay, but the satellites kept dropping connections, so our zoom calls were interrupted, connections to online systems had to be restarted. There was no obvious reason, no change in traffic or movement of wireless devices, nothing we could see that was causing these drop outs.

Today I had about 4 dropouts within the space of an hour (none before and none since) but it's simply not acceptable.
The units seem to recover quickly, so the connection might only be lost for 5-10 seconds, but for online calls that can be fatal.
We're on the latest FW, and all of the Orbi's are on the same version of FW.
We did hard reset everything, turning on each unit independently, waiting for each to connect in turn, still no difference.

I'm taking them back to the shop for a refund. Won't be buying any more Orbi's for a while.

As an IT specialist I'm going to take a stab and guess that the FW is buggy, and something somewhere is triggering the FW to crash. Inside the unit there is probably some facility that restarts the FW after it crashes, so the device is rebooting each time this happens, which is why it comes back reasonably quickly.

So, while the speed is good and the design is nice, and the setup is simple, the cost is high, and the reliability is ZERO !