New ASUS laptop extremely slow and unable to factory reset


Sep 2, 2017
I recently bought myself an ASUS rog gl-553 laptop and have been using it for about a month with great performance. Just the other day I woke up and started to use it and nothing was launching and it was constantly freezing. I decided to boot in safe mode and safe mode was working at regular speed so I disabled all non Microsoft services in msconfig to see if that would fix normal mode, but I'm still not even able to open anything it's so slow. I tried to just do a factory reset since I have nothing of importance on the laptop and about half way through the reset it said undoing changes and cancelled it. I have no idea how to check why it's being so slow because as soon as I log in, I'm unable to do anything. I managed to get the rog gaming centre open to check temperature and nothing's going above 50 Celsius.