New Battery and Laptop Won't Charge.


Nov 27, 2017
I've had my Inspiron 5558 laptop for a while now and I just got a new battery trying to fix the issue. I've had the same 45 watt charger since I first got the laptop and it's a little beaten up. Since I've been noticing the issue I've been looking for a solution but none seem to work.
-I've tried unplugging the battery
-Using a new charger (dont have spare 45 watt charger so i used a 65 watt charger)
-new battery
-different outlet in different rooms
-Uninstalling and reinstalling battery drivers with restart
In bios on the system diagnostics, it's reporting only 1 watt being received from my charger

Thanks in advanced and have a wonderful day.


Feb 14, 2006
If it is under warranty get it fixed. But document the issue accurately. It is obvious to consider the battery and the charger, however, there are system board issues involved as well that could prevent the battery from charging properly. I assume the laptop will work fine without the battery and the charger plugged in.


Nov 27, 2017
The laptop works fine with just the battery but my battery is currently running about 30% my laptop isn't under warranty and if possible i'd like to fix the issue myself
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