new headset and loud humming sound


Nov 15, 2013
I just got a new headset, razer carcharias. When I plug in usb it starts to make loud humming noise. I have tried all the usb ports and wall charger with no results. But when I tried this with my laptop, then that humming sound was very little.


This problem keeps coming up with this headset.
The power supplies in PCs are not really designed for audio equipment and some of them can have quite noisy low voltage lines.
Because usb headsets use the 5 volt line from the PSU this can cause this noise to be injected into the audio stream.
Good headsets use line filtering capacitors to stop this but apparently Razer did not think this was desirable and hence we get lots of people on this forum having problems.
Your laptop evidently has better filtering than your pc.
The only real solution would be a different psu but this may or may not cure it and it is not possible to say it would cure it before you fit it and tried it.Or if you are ok with electronics you could fit smoothing capacitors across the 5volt line of your PSU.