New laptop keeps blue screening when i watch streams while a second monitor is plugged in.


Sep 11, 2013
Hey, i recently got myself an msi ge60 so i can take it to uni, everything works great and i've had no problems, until i plugged this current monitor into the hdmi port. I can get the blue screen to happen although it can be a bit random, but always under the same situation.

The situation is basically if i watch a stream (e.g. or something similar) and put it full screen on the second monitor, the laptop will blue screen, it's happened after 5 seconds and sometimes after a much longer period, so it's random. It has also blue screened once while playing dota2, but i've played like 25 hours of dota2 since i've gotten the laptop and this has only happened once with the different monitor being plugged in.

I've tried every suggestion on the internet i've found but nothing seems to work so i was hoping maybe someone had another way for me to solve this.

The laptop has windows 8, is an msi ge60, everything else is working fine it seems, just under this one situation it blue screens. I have also used a different monitor with the laptop (that is no longer with me where i am) and i had no blue screen, so basically i'm asking if anyone has an idea why this would happen and if there is a way for me to fix this?

Thanks for reading.

Did u try using a different port?this happen when u are using the integrated or the dedicated gpu?