New Laptop, New SSD, Secure Boot and Fresh Windows Install Issue


Mar 14, 2016
Hello everyone,

Here is my issue. I just got a deal on a brand new HP Probook 450 G3 that came with a 1To HDD and Windows 10 pre-installed. I used the spare money to purchase an Windows 7 Pro x64 license and a Sandisk 256Gb SSD. My intention was to pull the original HDD out and do a clean install of Windows 7 on the SSD.

I have gone absolutely bonkers after 72 hours of trying... Sorry in advance if I state the obvious or if I do not use the right wording. I know a little but am definitely not a wiz. So here goes.

PROBLEM 1: Impossible to Enable Secure Boot and Install Windows 7

I unplugged the HDD and swapped it with the SSD.

Using Rufus, I created a bootable USB stick formatted as Fat32 and partitioned as GPT since my Bios defaults to UEFI. I stuck the USB device in the computer, went to F10 - BIOS Setup. My BIOS is version N78 Ver. 1.06 12/18/2015. The USB device is properly recognized as a UEFI device.

In BIOS Setup >> Advanced >> Secure Boot Configuration, I switched to Legacy Support Enable and Secure Boot Disable then Save. In Boot Options, I unchecked Fast Boot. Below, UEFI Boot Order is greyed out and cannot be unchecked. Only the device booting order can be tweaked so I ranked the USB device first. Below, Legacy Boot Order is greyed out and cannot be unchecked. Instead of a device list as with UEFI Boot Order, the following sentence is written: "Enable Legacy Boot, Save Settings & Exit, then Return to Setup".

With now everything set up as much as the BIOS allows me to enable Secure Boot, I Exit and Save. The cpu restarts and prompts me to validate a 4-digit code to enable Secure Boot. I do so. The computer restarts and seems to be booting the USB stick but immediately returns the following error message.

Secure Boot
Selected boot image did not authentica​te.

Out of curiosity, I go back to the BIOS and I realize that the Secure Boot Configuration settings did not save and have all reverted back to Legacy Support Disable and Secure Boot Enable.
I tried to do the same process with clearing the secure boot keys, or after logging in as an admin. Nothing works. I always get the same Secure Boot error message and disabling Secure Boot never saves.

PROBLEM 2: Impossible to Boot Windows 10 Recovery Disk

So after losing hope, I decided to at least get Windows 10 installed on the SSD. today, I ran the HP recovery disk containing Windows 10 + drivers. The computer will simply refuse to even start booting the DVD. It does recognize the DVD and lists it properly if I go to the boot menu. It just will not boot it and returns the following error message.

BootDevice Not Found
Please Install an Operating System on your Hard Drive
Hard Disk - (3F0)

So basically, my new laptop only works with the original HDD and Windows 10. Everything else seems hard wired. I cannot even run a recovery disk.

Please let me know what I am missing here as I seriously do not know what else I can do.

Thanks A LOT in advance.


Phillip Corcoran

No need to go into BIOS for a one-off, temporary change of boot device.

Just press F9 as soon as the HP splash-screen appears & you should get a boot device menu.

Highlight which device you want to boot from (up/down arrow keys), then press <Enter>.

As regards Windows 7, forget that until you've checked what drivers are available for that model on HP's website.
If they don't have Windows 7 drivers, then abandon that idea.


Mar 14, 2016
Hello Phillip and thank you.

I have already gone the F9 route. The UEFI devices (whether USB for Win7 or DVD for Win10 recovery disk) are perfectly recognized. But no matter which one I select in the splash screen, hitting <enter> gets me an error message.

The error message can be the "Secure Boot - Selected boot image did not authentica​te" for the USB or the "BootDevice Not Found" for the recovery disk.

And by the way, I did collect all of the needed Probook 450 G3 drivers for Win7 Pro x64 on a separate USB.


Mar 14, 2016
Ok so after contacting HP Support, the Rep concluded that there is an issue with the BIOS. He went on to tell me that I am not supposed to install a new SSD or OS on the brand new laptop, and that basically, I should leave it as is.

So since their Techs are only supposed to fix the hardware (and not the software), I was offered the possibility of returning this otherwise perfectly functional laptop. It is nice from them but also a terrible waste.

Kinda bummed out really.


Apr 9, 2016
I am trying to set up two new HP Probook 450 G3 laptops for a customer and am having exactly the same problem.
I changed a setting in the BIOS and can now boot to the Windows 10 DVD - before I couldn't boot to any CD or DVD.
I can't interrupt the Windows 10 setup to check the BIOS setting but I think it was something like Enable Legacy DVD.
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