New Microphone Really quiet


Sep 28, 2011
Hi, I recently bought an ASUS Vulcan headset from amazon, but the mic is really quiet on teamspeak and skype. I can barely listen to myselfwhen I hittheoption to listen to device.Volumeison 100 and the booster is 0 because it adds white noise. All of the reviews say that everyone compliments the Mic quality, and people have been telling me its really bad quality. Any suggestions? I'm not using a soundcard, just my motherboard's default soundcard

Windows 7
I would have skipped ANY asus product to tell you the truth.
BUT in your computer audio mixer, or in your computer audio software, is a microphone input level control.
I suspect that you have not found the mixer and adjusted the level.
Double click the speaker icon in the lower right hand desktop. You should see "mixer" click on mixer. Open the mixer options, there should be an option for the mic level.

Hilarious Ransoms

Dec 8, 2013
Hi - I'm having a similar issue with mine. The mic input sensitivity is really really low like the hardware itself is faulty. Checked mixer properties, also Realtek HD Audio Manager software and all settings seem normal and in order but the mic itself isn't picking much up at all. got +10 boost atm and that's not much use, any more boost and the background noise is too much to bear. At a bit of a dead end. Oh tried plugging in vie front port too which had the same results. Not sure what else to do apart from send back.