Question New webradio service after yamaha update

Jan 3, 2019
Hi everyone,

Very recently yamaha has released a new update for netradio for many receivers.
The v-tuners service has stopped and now our receivers is connected to
My list of favorite and bookmarked radiostations is empty now and I had to create a new one.

The problem is that I can't find anywhere on the website a login to edit the list using my laptop.
So i have no other choice than using the receiver, remote and the app to fill the list.

Does anyone know if there is a way to login on the website and do the editing there ?

hans, The Netherlands
Jan 4, 2019
Hans, i had to update the firmware 2x. After the 1st time everything worked but the netradio didn't. After install the firmware a second time, the netradio worked also. Because the change of server, everything was lost. Spend sometime yesterday to select a bunch of favorites again. By the new layout it's easy to find your old channels but also find new interesting ones. Did it with the app on the big screen. Highlight the channel, push the option button and select add to favorits. Actually it was much clearer and faster to do than with v.tuner. also it was easier to find new channels. So no there is no webinterface yet. Success!