Feb 4, 2015
So I just managed to buy a Netgear R8000 from Target for $89.98! They have a bunch of other ones on clearance also. Now I am second guessing my purchase and considering selling it and buying something else. These are the prices that I can buy them for:

Netgear X6 - $299.99 - $89.98
Linksys AC2600 - $251.99 - $75.58
ASUS RT-N66R - $199.99 - $35.98
ASUS RT-AC66R - $149.99 - $44.98
ASUS RT-AC68R - $199.99 - $59.98

1900 sq ft 3 story house (rented) in the north so it's wood and drywall construction. Streaming generally consists of iPad and TV at the same time along with running my work VPN on my laptop with decent sized file transfers and constant cloud backups. Nothing too crazy, but it seemed like I might as well splurge and be future proofed was my thinking.

2 Apple Laptops
1 iPhone
1 Android phone
1 Kindle Fire HDX
2 Kindles
3 iPads
1 IP phone (wired)
1 Wireless Printer
1 Thermostat

So my question is should I just stick with the Netgear since I already have it? Or would it be worth it to buy one of the other ones instead?


Jun 20, 2012
I would stick with the Netgear. If you have it named right, then I think it's a steal for the price. You have a lot of devices, and if they are all wireless, then you can at least help assign them a different speed, say your thermostat, kindles and printer to the slower 2.4 speed and then something like your laptops to faster where you'll be using it for more "instant" things like web browsing or gaming.

I like Linksys a lot, but that Netgear looks "fun".