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  1. D

    Solved! How to connect my Samsung UN65ES8000 to wireless net

    Looking for fix to connect Samsung to wireless network.
  2. H

    Solved! Acer Aspire 5736z WiFi on/off?

    Pls how do i turn on wifi on my aspire 5736z
  3. S

    wifi Driver for ProBook 4540s problem

    wifi Driver for ProBook 4540s problem Hi, I can't find wifi drivers for my HP ProBook 4540s I installed any driver But none of them work..!! :??: :??: طراحی سایت ثبت دامنه میزبانی وب طراحی سایت شرکتی سئو سایت طراحی سایت هتل بلیط هواپیما میزبانی وب هاست لینوکس ثبت دامنه طراحی سایت سئوی سایت...
  4. C

    Disconnecting from wifi

    This worked at first https://ccm.net/faq/8019-acer-laptop-wi-fi-keeps-disconnecting but after a system reboot had to be done the boxes have been unticked but the laptop is still disconnecting the wifi, how do I resolve this issue?
  5. M

    Samsung galaxy j7 refine needz unlocking instructions so i can put my cricket wireless si.

    I need instructions how to unlock uicc so i can use my phone on cricket wireless network.it was on boost. Pleaze help
  6. R

    unlock my phone

    how do I unlock my Verizon Moto E4 to use with total wireless network carrier
  7. D

    Wifi adapter backdoor

    I bought a wifi card for my laptop from outside the U.S. Can a wifi adapter have a back door exploit? Some way of me not knowing it is pilfering my data?
  8. H

    wifi does not work but it did

    Computer: Lenovo ideapad Sys: Suse 15.0 Leap My wifi driver stopped working. It was good for some months but now i cannot see it from my computer. I use Network Manager and when I start it, it showes the wired connections only. At the same place i see several wifis with my cellphone so they...
  9. 1

    Solved! Wifi running very slow on asus fx503

    Hi, my wireless network is working very slow.its normal speed was 50 mbps but now its running at 5mbps. Ethernet working is fine. What should i do?
  10. R

    How To Fix Roku Remote Pairing Issues

    Roku players come with two types of remote: the Standard Infrared remote, and the Enhanced Point Anywhere remote. The latter does not need to be pointed towards the Roku player as it sends its signal through the wireless network. If you’re having trouble with pairing your remote or keeping it...
  11. W

    fujitsu wireless switch

    am using fujitsu fmvA8270 laptop but i dont see the wireless switch.how can i locate the switch?
  12. W

    WiFi/Bluetooth drivers disappeared and won't install..

    Hey guys, I'll cut right to the chase. A few months ago my Bluetooth/WiFi adapter just disappeared from everywhere. I've tried installing RealTek/Atheros drivers from everywhere including Toshiba Support web. I've tried utility softwares like DriverPack Solutions etc. But none of them detect...
  13. S

    Wifi adapter missing

    Wifi adapter has no sign. I am using an Acer Aspire e5-573-587Q laptop, with i5 processor and 4 gb ram. Recently i upgraded to windows 10 using media creation tool. but i was facing slow wifi speed in windows 10. so i decided to roll back to windows 8.1. However the pc was not starting so i...
  14. J

    laptop cant recognise a particular wifi network

    i just updated my wireless network driver(broadcom 802.11b/g) using driver easy, now i cant seem to find the particular networ
  15. 1

    Toshiba Satellite 660C (No Intel drivers)

    My Toshiba Laptop intel celeron 32bit windows 7 cannot install wireless drivers because it says there are no Intel drivers installed. What do I do then because I can't even find near connection. I tried checking network adapters ..there's no option for wireless connection.
  16. E

    help to resolve this issue

    I can't find manage wirwless network & wi-fi on my Dell latitude e6440 laptop. It is hapenning for last 6 months. Sometimes, it connects to the internet and automatically everything comes back, The managage Wireless Network, Network Adapter & Wi-Fi etc but most of the time it is not available...
  17. G

    WiFi suddenly stops working, computer asks for Ethernet cable

    My laptop with Windows 7 suddenly stopped connecting wirelessly, now it says I need an Ethernet cable to access Internet. I've never needed one before. My phone connects fine so it has to be the computer. Help?
  18. P

    Alright I read the forums on this topic but I tried going to manage wireless network and I couldn't see it on my laptop

    Thank you if you find a way. My laptop has trouble connecting to wifi, when I connect to any wifi connection it doesn't work but works on other devices.
  19. T

    Looking for security camera

    I order everything online. I only really go to the store for groceries. I wanted a IP Camera to make sure nobody messes with my packages, or at least see who it is if they snatch it off the porch. I want it to send motion alerts to my phone and let me play them back, without requiring a...
  20. Y

    Solved! Samsung Galaxy S8+ not connecting to google

    My Samsung Galaxy S8+ won't connect to Google or Yahoo services it will connect to almost everything else including bing (ironic how a google powered browser won't connect to it's own website, but it will its biggest competitor.) I have tried resetting all my settings and applying software...
  21. PhilipMichaels

    Prepaid vs. Postpaid Phone Service: What's Better for You?

    While the line between prepaid and postpaid phone service is blurring, some differences remain. Here's what you need to know. Prepaid vs. Postpaid Phone Service: What's Better for You? : Read more
  22. N

    Wireless is not currently enabled

    In manage wireless network page It says wireless is not currently enabled
  23. S

    How to Fix Roku Remote Problems?

    Sometimes you will face issues with your Roku remote. These issues will differ depending on the type of remote you have which come different for Roku streaming player or Roku TV. Please consult the guidelines for determining type of remote you have if you are unsure which type you have. The type...
  24. T

    Polaroid tv wifi is deactivated how do I reset

    Reactivate WiFi on polaroid tv as it was deactivated and I don't know how to reset it
  25. N

    Slow WiFi but only on Laptop, perfect on other devices

    Hello, I bought new WiFi adapter- TP- Link AC 1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C7. Internet speed is going really slow on my HP laptop but fast on other devices like phones other laptops and TV. I check it here: http://www.speedtest.net/ I tried literally everything.. My router...
  26. L

    Toshiba TV & MXQ Pro 4k connection

    How to hook up a Toshiba Smart TV and an MXQ Pro k4 TV Box and get sound.
  27. H

    Hp wireless button doesn't turn on wi-fi

    Hi. I have hp pavilion g6. I have problem with wi-fi doesn't turn on. I tried to enable adapter this enabled. I installed drivers and device manager showing adapter. but mobility center doesn't show wi-fi. Hp wireless assistant : turn on network capability with key. but key staying orange...
  28. N

    My Qualcomm® Atheros® AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter DO NOT SUPPORT AC WIFI FROM MY NEW HOME ROUTER

    In my ASUS N550JV-CN211D laptop there is Qualcomm® Atheros® AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter which do not support AC standard - kindly suggest any good supplement wireless network adapter to instal. My guarante passed before 2 years ago... Thanks for any suggestion. Nenad
  29. M

    toshiba Satellite A215-S7422

    In "network and sharing "option I could not find "manage wireless network"option,so now what can Ido?
  30. B

    Chromecast to access your local media?

    Can you connect your chromecast to your wireless network to access your own media, eg a harddrive connected to your router?
  31. C

    Wifi setting always Off

    I have a Sony Vaio model SVE151D11L product name SVE1511BGXS Laptop cannot connect to wifi since wifi connection is always 'off' even after I set it as 'on' So far I deleted the network adapters and upon restart there was no sort of installation of anything So I then downloaded/re-installed...
  32. J

    I can not find Manage Wireless network after completing first 2 steps my laptop is Dell inspiron 5110 and windows 10

    when I connect to wireless network the router become automatically restarted and after some time it continuously disconnected.Laptop model Dell Inspiron 5110 windows 10
  33. S

    Wireless adapter suddenly stopped working

    I have a Sony vaio laptop model VPCEA31FX, Windows 10 OS. this issue occurred yesterday where my Wireless stopped working suddenly for no reason, this little monitor screen and a little cross inside of it where my wi-fi connection showed up, i went to my adapter settings and my wireless card...
  34. Marshall Honorof

    How to Update Your Router's Firmware

    These instructions should help you update your router, which is vital to securing every internet-connected device in your home. How to Update Your Router's Firmware : Read more
  35. A

    Cant turn my wifi on

    My laptop is dell i cant turn the wifi on it do not have any button to turn on the wifi i try the setting but still cannot turn on the wifi. Help mee please
  36. tarmiricmi

    Connect USB WIFI adapter antenna to laptop internal antenna

    Hello, because of the failure of my laptop's internal wifi, I want to connect WIFI USB adapter with antenna output to internal antenna in the laptop. This should be RP SMA Plug to something smaller male connector, as on the attached pictures. I don't know exactly the name of this smaller...
  37. A

    Problems with Asus laptop's wireless network connectivity

    I've been having this problem for about 3 weeks now. My laptop is simply unable to connect to the internet. Sometimes, it would work perfectly for about 5 mins then it will suddenly stop. It would show an icon in the bottom right (a red X) and say that there are no connections available. Other...
  38. R

    Problems with Asus laptop Trackpoint not working

    I have a ASUS F556UA-AS54 laptop that kept crashing so decided to do a clean install of windows 10. After installing, the trackpoint does not operate. I can plug a logitech usb wireless mouse in to navigate but can't find any way to get the trackpoint to work. I thought it should work during...
  39. P

    My dell laptop not connecting to wifi hotspot and also not showing wireless network adapter how do i fix it

    Not showing and wireless network adapter how to fix it ; send me link to download adapter i have a laptop of dell windows 7 ultimate install in it and of 32 bit
  40. N

    VPN Review: Request Tom's update their reviews of VPN

    It appears that Tom's edit what I wrote and I believe removed some of the master points from it, so i will try to edit their edited... It is 2017 and with Lodi (Neon: i do not know what Lodi is) and other requirements, it would be nice for Tom's to provide a comprehensive review. PIA: very bad...
  41. J

    Projecting from pc to tv with miracast, what to do.

    So i would like to project movies etc wirelessly from my Pc to my LG 55UH650V TV, but my motherboard asus maximus viii hero doesn't support miracast it seems, and i was thinking about ordering this "dongle"...
  42. S

    wifi and audio

    Hi, I uninstalled Mcfree from my Lenovo Yoga 300 and after restarting, the wifi and the audio is not working. It says networking hardware cannot be detected. Need help ASAP!!
  43. B

    My Torrent Download Speed Is Very Slow

    I am using TP-Link TL-WR840N Router, my internet connection speed of streaming and downloading is 2.5Mbps but when I switch to torrent downloading it reduces under 30kbps
  44. T

    internet disconnects and laptop freezes

    Ok so i have a dell inspiron 17 5000 series and where i work at has shoddy internet connection and everytime my laptop disconnects from the internet it freezes and i have to restart. i just bought this laptop less then a month ago please someone help me.
  45. C

    What if there is no choice in the wireless network section

    My LG power will not let me connect to the mobile network and give me no choice is in the network section how do I remedy this I put my SIM card in and it was the phone number and knows all the information but it will not connect to the network will not give me any selection to choose any other...
  46. FragaZ

    Windows 10 - Cannot connect without ethernet URGENT

    Hello, so for a while now my Dell laptop has had a problem with the connection. There is a yellow triangle with a ethernet cable on a computer moniter instead of my normal wifi bars. The wireless connection is on, the internet is on as well. I do not have any sort of USB thing that connects...
  47. K

    Unlocked android phone sim

    I ordered an unlocked android phone online and it came without a sim card or instructions. Where do I get these two things and how do I set up the phone?
  48. J

    Solved! Help with Dell Latitude D800 need 2 drivers and sound issue

    I have an older Dell D800 (about 10 years old) that is/was functioning fine. I am not a techie, however have been teaching myself how to wipe & reinstall various windows OS and drivers for several difference donated computers that I then lace with disadvantaged youth in South Africa when I am...
  49. A

    Can't connect to wireless

    My laptop can't connect to wireless network it says windows was unable to connect, troubleshooting problem
  50. X

    If someone connects to your wifi router from their phone can you find out their phone number?

    Is it actually possible to find out someone´s number if they are connected to your wifi router from their android phone? else how much info can be found from their connection? Thanks
  51. M

    help with a txt message undo

    how do I undo a sent text message on my non-smart cell phone? help!
  52. V

    i have dell inspiron 15r 3521 windows 7 professional x64bit. It connect to the any wireless network but it can not search any

    i have dell inspiron 15r 3521 windows 7 professional x64bit. It connect to the any wireless network but it can not search any website in internet explorer / mozila firefox or any other web browser. So please tell me how can i use wireless internet in my laptop??? or is it proxy setting...
  53. U

    No wireless option in venue 11 pro 5130 (Win10 64-bit)

    I have a Dell Venue pro 11 5130 laptop with Win10 64-bit installed in it and I cannot access the wireless network. It doesn't even have a wireless option available. I installed latest drivers from Dell. I would imagine it has something to do with 64-bit version of Win10. The second weird problem...
  54. A

    Can you upgrade the wifi card on a dell 15r 5521 laptop?

    Hey all, pretty simple question, I have my laptop taken apart (to replace a broken display) and was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the wifi card. Currently it has the Centrino 2230 Card. I remember previously trying to upgrade a Lenovo wifi card but failed due to it not booting until the...
  55. S

    no internet access via wifi after every 5mins

    hello there, the problem that i am facing is internet is working fine on d laptop when connected via ethernet cable, but as soon as i connect d ethernet cable to the router, internet works fr few mins and then stops, nd wont work again untill m resetting the router, the net is not working in any...
  56. KiL3MaNjAr0W

    Challenge by my Security+ Professor

    Okay so my professor for Net+ has offered a challenge to his students that will be enrolled in his Security+ class next semester. The challenge is getting passed his network security and obtaining his windows product code if successful we will not have to attend a class or complete an assignment...
  57. M

    Help! I cant connect to the intent on my HP windows 10 laptop

    Hi, I'm having a real problem trying to connect to the wireless network in my house. About a week ago, my computer started to lag when I was watching videos on Netflix. I thought it was a bit strange as it isn't that old of a laptop(3 years) and has a decent processor i5. So I ran a clean up of...
  58. J

    hp 255 g1 wifi button light stays on but screen dont come on

    hp 255 g1 wifi button light stay on but no display was running windows 8 al happen after apgrade tp windows 10
  59. M

    How I can speech my Hindi pdf

    Plz give me a link or name where can I play my hindi pdf in to speech ,help pls