Feb 14, 2016
hi im new here and would appreciate some help of you guys
im looking for some headphones mostly for music (rock, hiphop...) and casual gaming
ive got some recommendations from my friends but they arent audioholics and have they knowledge from reviews etc.
so heres a list of models i picked:
Sennheiser HD598 (but im not sure if they have the punch in bass)
Sennheiser RS185 (not sure about the mid-range and wireless quality)
Beyerdynamic DT770 (not quite sure in the versions and hell they are ugly :D )

what do you guys think about these? or would you recommend something else?
also thinking to add Audioengine D1 to them or something similar


Aug 19, 2014
Between the sennheiser's 598 are better than 185

beats in all of them are junk

the dt770 80ohm and hd598 have different sound signatures and are of different design.

the 770 is "closed" which means a smaller sounstage but more noise isolation. the 598 is "open" which means a larger soundstage, better positioning but much less sound isolation.

the 770 (especially the 80ohm version) is much bassier while the 598 has less bass but better highs.

anything above 50ohm you may have trouble using with a portable device such as a cellphone without a cheap ortable amplifier such as one from fiio. something rated at 50ohm or less should be driven fine without an external amplifier. in other words the 598 should work fine with your phone but the 770 may not work as well.

generally open headphones such as the 598 are preferred for gaming although you can most certainly use the 770 if you need a closed headphone for noise isolation.

keep in mind that the 770 has 3 models. 32ohm, 80ohm and 250ohm. the 32 works great for portables but the 80/250 are better for home use if you have an amplifier or good soundcard.

You should look into audio technica ATH-M50x they are overall best headphones out all of those you mentioned. Also try looking on the head-fi.org website since it's a website with forum purely for headphones review :)