Newbie trying to connect new TV to active speakers (No AUDIO OUT??)

Apr 19, 2018
So I bought a new TV and discovered it had no audio out (didn't even think to research that). I was planning to use my pretty decent desktop active speakers with the TV, but now that's not an option (Speakers only have aux in).

The TV has optical out and HDMI arc, my research so far tells me I'm gonna have to pick the lesser of these evils:
1. buy a DAC with optical in and headphone jack (volume control might be annoying)
2. buy a receiver (seems overkill with no other speakers)
3. buy a miniDSP (don't really know what this is seems like I need a mic and skills I don't have)
4. sell my speakers and just buy a compatible soundbar.

I never thought connecting regular old speaks to a new TV would be such a challenge, but right now it looks like I'll have to end up spending some more money to make this work.

Any thoughts on what I should do?