Nexus- multiple versions?


Sep 3, 2007
I'm just re-entering the market to look at (modern) devices, and am interested in the S2 and the Nexus (I've read all the comparisons online, no need to start a debate in this thread).

I was thinking about buying the device outright, rather than as part of a 2-year contract. I'm stuck with AT&T due to coverage issues.

When I look on Newegg at the Nexus, they are all listed as 3G instead of 4G. I know that it depends on what your service provider has in the area, but since I don't track the smartphone market, I was worried about whether those were older versions or something, especially since the Nexus I'm looking at is cheaper than the S2, which seems odd since I think the Nexus is newer (?)

Thanks for any clarification