Nikon Coolpix L820 Memory Card Woes


Apr 29, 2016
I have purchased several new Memory Cards for my Nikon Coolpix L820 35mm Camera and, still have the same issues - the cards download some of the photos BUT not all of the photos. There are also some sort of files that I don't recognize and, won't let me delete from the Memory Card, which then has resulted in my having to purchase a New Memory Card once again. I tried the Compressed Air Can idea and, am unsure if this will take care of the problem or not. Please help. Thank you.


PM from the OP. sorry don't PM me
"The Memory Cards that I purchase are referred to as ScanDisk sd Memory Cards that I purchase from Gloria Bazar here in Ozamiz City, Mindanao, Philippines. These are the only Memory Cards that I have ever seen for sale here in the Philippines and, thus have no other option than to purchase these.

When taking photos, I get some undiscernable files on the ScanDisc sd Memory Card that can't be deleted and, have nothing whatsoever to do with the photos that I have taken recently. I experienced this with the last ScanDisk sd Memory Disk and, thought that since I can't delete whatever undiscernable files from the ScanDisc sd Memory Card, I would go ahead and purchase a new one, which I formatted like the previous ScanDisc sd Memory Card to use with my camera. No problems for a couple of photos that I took until just recently (the past week) and, now I am right back to where I started with the former ScanDisc sd Memory Card as I can't delete these unknown files that have nothing whatsoever to do with photos that I took. I can delete the photos that I took but, even then noticed that NOT all the photos that I took are on the Memory Card, which is heartbreaking for me, as I like to keep some memories of when my wife and I travel to places that we haven't been to in over 20-years time.

So, whatever suggestion you might have will be appreciated - other that to purchase a new Nikon Camera as they don't sell this camera or any 35mm Camera that I am aware of in Ozamiz City (population 15,000) and, a farming community, which would mean traveling to Cebu or Manila, a full day's journey north of our current location.

Paul Vollmer
Retired U.S. Air Force / Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran"