Question Nikon D7100 Auto focus not working in live view

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Dec 22, 2020
My Nikon D7100 worked fine for 5 years until recently I noticed it cannot focus in live view or movie mode in any situation. the AF works fine in viewfinder without any problems but when switched to live view it keeps pulling and pushing the whole range and passes by the ideal focus point every time.
the lens I have on it is the kit lens 18-140VR.
Ps: I reset the camera and flashed the firmware and tried different lighting, nothing helped.


Jan 13, 2021
Hi Friends,
Some months ago, I have fond of photography, I am using shoot and click camera. Once when I am going on tour my friend give me Nikon D7100 camera.
I am surprised to see result of this camera, it has very nice and clear pictures. It has user friendly functions. Shutter speed is 1/80000 to min 30. 24.1 mpx resolution, and 3.2" screen to view pictures. Its in built affects are best. it has auto focus and automatic color correction system is helpful to new and armature photographers. You can take Portrait or landscape pictures through in built settings.
Camera has rechargeable lithium battery which lasts for 400 pictures. The body is very sleek and durable.
This camera is good for Professional as well as new armature photographers.
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