Question No audio output

Apr 15, 2020
Hello everyone,I hope you're safe.

I have been using an Acer KG214Q monitor. I'm running Windows 10 Pro. In the sound devices list,I see KG214Q as an output device(NVIDIA High Definition Audio). The monitor is connected to the PC using a HDMI cable. There are no audio input or output jacks on the backside of the monitor. However,when I play audio having these speakers as default,there seems to be some kind of output,the sound control panel shows those green lines getting full according to the audio. However,there is no audio output.

Please help me resolve this.
Apr 15, 2020
That monitor does have speakers, so you should get sound from them. If the volume turned up? Did you contact Acer support to see if maybe it's simply broken?
I don't have any volume control options in the OSD. Volume via the sound control panel and Windows is turned all way up but to no avail. I haven't contacted Acer just yet.

Thank you.
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