No Audio with Internal or External Speakers

Sep 7, 2018
I just received a tv from a friend and there was no audio coming through the tv's internal speakers (I made sure the internal speakers were on in the settings). I then purchased a sound bar in case the tvs speakers were broken, but that is not producing any audio either so I'm thinking it's not an issue with the tv speakers. Any suggestions of what might be causing this?
Assuming that you turned on the audio output of the TV, tried turning off the TV speakers (even though they don't work). and tried changing the audio output to PCM stereo the problem is not just the amp or speakers in the TV but more involved.
You can still use the TV with external sources but you would get the audio directly from them.
An HDMI input selector with audio extraction would make that easier if you have more than one source.
if you cant get sound go into the tv settings and click on reset tv to factory defaults and go from there. with sound bars make sure the right input is on. with sound bars most tv use the digital audio output port or the newer bluethooth.
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