Question No front camera button

Jun 14, 2019
I'm using O+ 8.92 and i noticed that i can't swtich to front camera when i'm video calling someone. So i checked the default camera if the phone and i can't find the button to switch to front camera(back cam is working). I tried to clear cache/clear data the camera app but i can't find it in apps, even in "all" section(and i know i did nit disable the camera app). I did a factory reset but it still won't work. Can't switch to front cam and no default camera apo in settings.
While that phone uses a much older version of Android, it should still have a switch when in standard camera to change to the front/back one. It should have what looks like two arrows going around up and one way and the other below it going around the other way. If not there they you will have to look in the settings, when in the camera.

This, however, is only what talking photos. It likely will not switch when using video. And, if in a specific app (other than the phone's camera app) then it isn't the phone but the app that needs to have the ability to change cameras. So when you were video calling, it would be the app you are making said call in that needs this feature. Not the phone itself.