No Laptop Refresh Rate?


Jun 30, 2014
I know this is probably dumb and I'm just missing something but whenever I watch a review of a laptop, no matter who it's by, I never hear anything about its refresh rate. I hear "it's a TN panel but has nice viewing angles. The colours are nice and the screen is bright. On to the rest of the tour."
Is the screen refresh rate unimportant or has there been something like gsync for laptops this whole time.are all laptops at 60 Hz.
I'm really curious and I couldn't find anything anywhere else on the internet.
Unless it is explicitly stated otherwise, you can probably expect most laptop screens to cap out at 60Hz. I don't think I've seen any that go beyond that. Doubtful that there are many, or any, with Gsync, since most monitors don't even come with that.