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Question No picture issues hooking up my DVI desktop to HDMI TV.

Sep 12, 2019
Hi, I have a windows 10 desktop PC with a DVI monitor port. I have about a 10-year-old Panasonic TV. I replaced my desktop and wanted to hook this unused PC to this tv. I got a cable at AmazonBasics DVI to HDMI Cable. Amazon says I do not need a converter, this cable is all I need. But when I hook them up, I don't get any picture no matter how I set the HDMI setting on the tv. Thoughts? Advice?
Thank you
Check the native resolution of the TV and set the video resolution of the PC to match that. 720p should work.
The DVI cable doesn't usually carry audio so if you want to use the TV speakers you will also need an audio cable from the PC to the TV. The DVI input will have an audio input associated with it.
Sep 12, 2019
Thank you, I will try that. What do I set the HDMI 1 to? I have vcr, dvr, cable, gaming and a few other I don't know what they are but not PC setting. I have been going to the external device and trying different settings.

I have no monitor for the desktop. Would it hurt to hook it up to my chromebook to get into the setting of the PC?
You can't use another computer as a display for the desktop. You will need a monitor.
How the input is named doesn't matter just select the HDMI input that that the PC is connected to on the remote.
After you adjust the video resolution of the PC you should be able to try each input until you see the desktop.
Sometimes you have to boot the PC after selecting the input on the TV rather than the reverse.
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