No sign of life after fan clean-out: static damage? If so, how to avoid in future?


Nov 17, 2015
My girlfriend has a 5 year-old HP G62 that had recently been spontaneously switching itself off after streaming video for a while. I assumed this was the fan failing to deal with heat - it exerted a lot and sounded unhealthy. I dismantled it and sure enough, managed to clean out a huge amount of fluffy dust from the fan, which was basically clogged.

After reassembling it piece by piece, I cannot get any response from attempting to turn it on - no screen illumination, no disk whir, no light by the power button. I have tried this with and without the battery, using different power cords - although the power confirmation light indicates that isn't a problem. I've double-checked all components, including ribbon cables, are firmly in place.

I believe I must have corrupted some microcircuitry on the motherboard with static. I'm now wondering if it's worth my while attempting to fix this.

* The notion that static fried the motherboard is idle conjecture - I wouldn't know how to validate this or necessarily avoid it in future
* I don't have any circuitry work equipment - just a multi-headed screwdriver

Does anybody have any advice they might want to give me? Thanks!

I would suggest to retrace the steps you did one more time before you give up with it. :) When open the laptop use a anti-static wrist strap, also do reapply a new thermal paste on the GPU and CPU just to make sure. Lastly, try another AC adapter that has the same voltage with yours and if all these will not work then problem is with the motherboard already.
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