Question No sound coming from pc speakers when using DTS

May 22, 2019
ok, so I am very new to audio stuff and I know that DTS is higher quality audio, the problem I am having is when I use Potplayer and set it to pass through after DTS-re encoding it works fine and I get sound but as soon as I enable the passthrough setting I don't get any sound so im assuming when I turn check the box for the passthrough it is turning it on which is why im not getting any sound. So that's why I came here is there a way I can enable DTS on my current setup? I am using a 2.1 audio setup connected to my pc with a 3.5mm cable. I heard somewhere I need to connect a receiver to my pc in order for it to work but as I said earlier im really new to all this audio stuff so I don't have a receiver and in the past have been ok with crappy 5 dollar stereo desktop speakers so this a big step up for me. Thank you for reading
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