No sound of local channel thru antena

Mar 13, 2018
I have so sound coming thru local channel . I have Hooked up my samsung un65mu630d tv with HDMI arc IN to Yamaha receiver HDMI arc out. I have enable arc on both devices. My tv have sound output option to speaker tv, optical/rca(yellow) and Bluetooth speaker. So I tried using speaker tv and optical but no luck. I changed all the input option on recevier too. So if I'm am guessing right, I should get local channel sound ( in build digital TV)on recevier using only arc ? What would be the input on receiver changed to.

Thanks in advance.
To use ARC you need to have it in both the TV and receiver. It usually has to be turned on in the TV audio menu. Sometimes the TV speakers have to be turned off.
You may need to assign ARC to an input in the receiver input set up menu as well.
If that doesn't work then you can use the optical audio output instead. Set up is pretty much the same.