Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphone?


Sep 23, 2017
Hi guys,

Could any one recommend me a pair of noise cancelling gaming headphone?

I have been searching the key word noise cancelling for gaming headphone and it appears that these manufacturers all bragging about their mic noise canceling effect and nothing much about the headphones themselves...

I have a good sound bar system for PC gaming generally but I also need a pair of gaming headphone when my mother does the house cleaning as the vacuum cleaner is so loud!!! The price does not matter and whether if it is wireless does not concern me either. Just would like a set that can deliver good sound and provide excellent noise cancelling function!



Oct 11, 2013
You're not likely to find something like what you're looking for and if you want a noise cancelling set, you're going to have to go with a standalone mic. That said, the sound reproduction in a dedicated set of quality headphones would be better than any "gaming" based set be they noise cancelling or otherwise.

There's a lot to choose from in terms of manufacturers out there. Set yourself a price range and perhaps we can go from there. Regardless of what anyone might suggest which includes me, your ears are your own and will be the deciding factor on what sounds best... to YOU. If you have the opportunity to get any time in with something that might be suggested it would be ideal. There's a lot to consider when buying headphones and sound is but one facet.


Dec 15, 2017
Well, I'd suggest not looking for gaming headphones and just look for noise canceling headphones, unless you need the mic.

No one's noise canceling competes with Bose, but those are PRETTY pricey. Otherwise you can't go wrong with Sennheiser, Sony, Plantronics, or any other respectable brand. With noise canceling you really get what you pay for.

As an alternative, you could consider some good over the ear can headphones. I have a set of Sony MDR-V6 that are actually studio monitor headphones. They aren't noise canceling, but they are great at noise isolation... and sound really nice. So you could look at that kind of headphones.
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