Non removable battery problem


Mar 30, 2012
I currently have a Samsung Chromebook wich has an integrated non-removable battery.
In the optic of obtaining the best lifespan possible out of my battery when I'm home, do I always have to keep the power adapter plugged in or is it better to let the battery discharge every time?


Oct 6, 2013
You should always keep the battery about halfway charged (ie. 50% charged) as much as possible. The exception is in case if you need to use the battery for a long time (ex. if you're catching a flight, and want to work on the plane). Here you want to charge it fully, for obvious reasons.

Don't cycle the battery very much - the battery performance degrades every full charge/discharge cycle. 50% constant charge is always best. You do, however, want to occasionally fully discharge and then charge it. But it doesn't need to be done very often.

In non-removable batteries, sometimes you can download software that has the option to charge it halfway. Lenovo computers have this option. Not sure about the other guys. If the battery is removable, you can remove it exactly when it's charged to around 50%.