Normal temperature for a laptop?


Aug 15, 2016
I'm slightly paranoid, because I already encountered an over-heating laptop and it wasn't pleasant at all.
This HP laptop that I'm using ATM is around a year old. I've been really conscious, because at times, the laptop gets hot, and at times, the laptop is warm.
Right now I'm playing a game, and I installed SpeedFan and this is the following results:
HD0: 33C
Temp1: 67C
Core 0: 68C
Core 1: 69C
Results change, so it's around 60-72C.
When I don't play,
HD0: 33C
Temp1: 58C
Core 0: 55C
Core 1: 55C

Also, does a cooling pad help? Because I might consider getting one.
The laptop has been on soft surfaces too. My mistake, I tend not to do the same mistake.
So, am I okay? And should I get a cooling pad?