Not connecting to WIFI or Bluetooth

Jul 21, 2018
Hello, I came home from work today to find my ASUS laptop struggling to connect to wifi or my Bluetooth devices. It takes ages to find them, connects briefly but the connection is very patchy and then stops working altogether. I’ve tried disabling/ updating drivers but it makes no difference. I’ve recently disabled Windows 10 updates because they blue screen my laptop but that was a week ago and the issue has only started today. Any ideas? TIA


Can you pass on the model/SKU for your Asus laptop? Have you made sure your laptops motherboard BIOS is up to date? If automatic updates causes the BSOD's, it's advised to install all drivers manually.
Jul 21, 2018
Thanks for your response. It’s a G751JM. I took a look at the BIOS but was scared off actually doing anything to it so that’s still an option. I rolled the update back so I’m thinking that shouldn’t have made a difference.
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