Not getting surround sound from my PC


Aug 6, 2015
Hey yall
So I have a 5.1 channel speaker ( Frisby FS-5080BT ) and all 5 speakers ( FL , FR , SL , SR , CEN ) are attached to the output in the back of the subwoofer and there are some Inputs as well that attach to sound card .

I also have a Sound Blaster Z in my PC that supports 5.1 channel.
I have 3 RCA cables that each head has one white and one red connector , Ok I connect one side ( white and red ) to the input in the back of the subwoofer and how about the other head !? Do I need 3x RCA to 3.5mm adapter in order to connect them to my Sound Blaster Z ?


Sep 2, 2015
once you connect you speakers to your subwoofer than you will need the RCA to 3.5mm to connect to you Soundcard then from the Creative Sound blaster program you then choose the 5.1 Surround sound option.
the top of your subwoofer the inputs just link it to the correct part of SB Z card


Aug 6, 2015

Thanks for the reply , I ordered 3 pieces of RCA to 3.5mm adapter and received them today and connected them to PC and it is working however it sounds like a $5 speaker and the bass is almost 0 and I used to get a better surround sound out of the stereo ! Why is that ? I tried many settings but nothing works !
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