Not much bass through my boss subwoofer.


Jan 23, 2018
So I have an old set of Bose speakers (still sound amazing), Acoustimass 5 series 2. The subwoofer is powered through the front speakers. The front 2 speaker wires come out of the receiver, go into the sub and back out to the 2 front speakers themselves. The 2 rear surround speakers are not part of it, they are on their own lines. The sub does NOT have a power cord for the wall.
Because of this, the receiver needs to have a "Sub no" option to stop power going to the subwoofer port and push more power into the front speakers. My last two receivers could do this. They do not work anymore. My new receiver, Pioneer VSX-830 does not seem to have this option. I am not getting the bass that I should. Even using the app, on my phone, I can click on the sub, but I am unable to switch it to off.
Can someone please inform me of what to do. Or a new receiver to purchase that is, hopefully, no more than $400, that I can do "sub no".
Thank you in advance.

*More info* I already knew they would not know, but Best Buy "specialists" and Pioneer tech support all have no clue. They don't even know what I'm talking about.

And along with doing sub no, would do front speakers large. Can not seem to change these in the new receiver.