Not sure what I need to upgrade my Laptop


Jul 17, 2012
Hi, recently my old hp g7 died and I am on the market for a new computer. I have financing through best buy and came down on either one of the computers below, My concern is that I am leaning toward the computer with the gtx 970 and not the computer with the ssd and 16gb of ram. The ram seems to be an easy fix but I am somewhat confounded by what I am supposed to be doing regarding the ssd and what types are compatible. I would like to add on an SSD and knock the RAM up to 16gb without spending more than $150. My two primary uses are for video editing and gaming.

Asus - ROG GL502VT
Preferred and the one with the 970 gtx

Asus Rog Unmarked
More expensive and lesser card but has an SSD and additional ram

A) Looking at the two am I missing anything that would make the more expensive computer without the 970 superior? Otherwise can I upgrade the laptop with the better card.without spending much more than the price difference.

B) Am i being confused by the SSD for no reason? I have never had or used one and just want to know what kinds the computer accepts. Some language made me concerned it wouldn't just take this.

C) Do I need to replace and clone the HDD or can both be installed with relevant programs then moved onto the SSD?

D) For RAM can I just buy a 4gb stick and slot it in or do I need to purchase an 8gb stick and replace a component?
I would not worry much about the 12 gb vs 16 gb RAM. For the SSD, the system has an m.2 slot on it, so you can get one of those drives and install Windows on it. Just check with ASUS if that will void he warranty or not.