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Nov 21, 2018
The RedMagic 6 is yet another Android gaming phone, sporting an elaborate gamer aesthetic, RGB and a built-in cooling fan, all for a low price. But the lower cost is the only thing to recommend it over other gaming devices.

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Jul 5, 2021
Really good brand of gaming phone, better and cheaper than all the competition.However they force applications on there users and don't ask consent you update the OS and it installed a app (web browser)
called next word browser, it just appears. And you can not remove it from the device. All it does is steal your information and do horrific translation to English, it's really bad. As I say it can not be removed from the mobile phone and collects your user and browser data which breaches the T&C of the play store. Nubia have Lost a customer in me because of this, they removed my review from there site more than once, sneaky but not clever. Such a shame as the device is brilliant for gaming and the software is good compered to older devices no bugs here, just blatantly steals your information without consent.
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