NVIDIA Driver Hardware not found error


May 27, 2014
So I bought the ASUS ROG Strix GL702VM the other day. Endless OS was installed, so I wiped that out to install windows 10 pro 64-bit. However, when I ran the setup for downloaded drivers, it showed the message "graphics hardware was not found". The graphics card gtx 1060 is shown in the bios but is not listed in the device manager.

I've looked up every thread on the internet and tried several workarounds, all to no success. In addition to the latest driver, ver 353.xx, 365.xx, 375.xx show the same error.

Fed up at the moment as neither can the graphics card driver be installed nor does it show in the device manager. I've even checked if all devices are enabled and updated the "basic display driver" shown.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
make sure from intel web site you download the intel chipset driver. if it not install other hardware may not work. most laptop use there own bios and trying to use nvidia stock drivers wont work. you have to download the video drivers from the laptop vendor. also with laptop video cards check in the bios power settings some have the onboard intel as the default gpu and not nvidia.