Nvidia graphic is not being used in gaming and also its not working !

Mar 20, 2018
I have 2 graphic card 1) Nvidia geforce 820M and 2)Intel i5 core 4400 i have very good graphic card and cost a lot of money in that but why then to it dont work it just not works in cs 1.6 it start lag this type of intel that i have i have seen in youtube yhat this my same intel graphic can be used to pmay gta 5 but just my cs1.6 starts laging think bro intel can be use to play this big game why cant nvidia that i have heared that nvidia is best but its not working i have 2 gb memory of both intel and nvidia why tjis bad luck to me only plz help me to slove this problem!!!!!!


Mar 31, 2011

Agreed. The weakest 10 series GFX chip on the market is the 1030. The 820m is a lot weaker than that mobile version of the 1030. You are playing games with a GFX chip that doesn't come close to the minimum requirements of the games you mentioned.

No problem here.